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Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a tropical country surrounded by green mountains, fine weather temperature ( between 70 to 85 F ), enormous biological diversity and friendly people Since this is a country with no army, the government puts more money into education, healthcare and social security. In Costa Rica the average lifespan is 78, two years more than the US!, one of the reasons is that there is very high quality and inexpensive medical care. These and many more facts make Costa Rica the closest country to heaven. In fact, according to the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Lives Index which measures the environmental efficiency with which countries provide long and happy lives, Costa Rica ranks # 5 in the world.
Costa Rica Paradise Seeds is a very good opportunity to have and invest outside the USA

lo primero que piensa uno la mudarse a otro pais es el la comodidad del mismo fundamentalmente por los gastos asociados compra de casa, pagos de servicios: agua, luz, telefono, internet como me ira con el idioma,  que tal es la temperatura muy caliente o frio que tal la comida por eso creemos que se deberia de hacer un viaje para conocer el pais antes de comprar la casa los


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